San Bernardino East Peak via Forsee and John’s Meadow

We are a bit behind getting into hiking summer shape, so we decided to do something about it. We ended up with a bit of a tougher hike than we initially intended. Starting from the Forsee parking area we went up to the San Bernardino Divide trail and then headed over to San Bernardino East Peak where we took a nice break, including a nap. Re-energized we decided to go down the long way via the San Bernardino trail and then over John’s Meadow. I had remembered the John’s meadow part as easy, but at the end of a 17 mile hike the little up and down sections became annoying. Overall a great day and a good reminder that we still have some way to go to get into backpacking shape for the summer.

The trails were very busy, lots of groups for 9-16 people. More trash also. Is this the effect of no permits? Permits are coming back though according to the volunteer at the ranger station.

Hike stats: 17 miles, 4,400 ft gain

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