Gardiner Basin Backpacking for Peakbagging

After my Rainier trip, I had planned on going to the Sierras to climb with my friend Will. I had heard from Nick and Alicia that Will is insanely fast in the mountains and I was ready to test myself against his speed. Little did I know, but he has about 20 years of SierraContinue reading “Gardiner Basin Backpacking for Peakbagging”

San Gorgonio Overnight August 31

For a while my lab friend Byron had been planning an overnight backpack on San Gorgonio. After staying later in lab Friday than anticipated, I realized that the Sierras were out of reach for the weekend and I would need different plans to get me outside. With tentative peak bagging with John and Uwe onContinue reading “San Gorgonio Overnight August 31”