White and Onyx Mountains

Summits #92 and #93 of the Sierra Clubs Hundred Peaks Section for me were White Mountain and Onyx Peak in the San Bernardino Range.  Actually there are 281 peaks on this list so at 93, I’m roughly 1/3 finished with this list. I went solo up White which included a rather steep South Peak assent before White Mountain.  There was a of of past mining evidence and a very large mining operation ongoing on the desert side of White. This was a good 4 mile 1,000 vertical climb.

Onxy Peak was more fun because Dorie went with me. This 3.7 mile, 728 foot vertical hike was mostly on forest service roads. The top was populated with all kinds of antennas.  On the return, we ventured cross country with steep but easy bushwhacking back to the car. There were great views of Yucca Valley from the summit.



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