Bertha training hike

To train for the upcoming Tahoe wilderness hike, Klaus came to the cabin to hike the San Bernardos. Dorie took us to the Cougar Crest trail head and Klaus and I started up the trail to intersect the PCT and eventually circle back around to the cabin. It wasn’t long before we encountered something’s partial rabbit breakfast – The cougar maybe?
At the top of Cougar Crest we picked up the PCT and contoured around to Delamar Mountain. As we descended the trail we saw a teenage runner (from LA probably) wandering around- just gym shorts, no top, no water. He got lost from his running group. Weird how that could happen, but he could not remember where he started or where he was to go. He said he kinda remembered the name Holcomb on a sign at the start. I pointed out the roads to follow to get to the bottom of the mountain and gave him a bottle of water. Later we saw him in his team’s support van close to where I told him to go.
At this same intersection a few years ago, Joel and I saved a Hollywood couple from the same lost-on-the-mountain fate. It must be some kind of treacherous intersection there at Delamar.
Klaus and I continued through Hanna Rocks and back along the side of Gray’s peak, safely arriving at the backdoor of the cabin, greeted by Dorie and some fresh lemonade. A nice 14 mile, 1,800 ft gain for the day. On the way home Klaus had a small encounter¬†with a fire on Route 215, but all was safe. (Click on a picture to enlarge)

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