Around Flagstaff, AZ

Continuing from the Grand Canyon North rim our two week South West trip with our visitors from Germany ended with a few days around Flagstaff:

  • Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado river – We drove by here on our way from the Grand Canyon North Rim. This used to be one of my favorite places, now it’s totally overrun and getting over developed. Probably my last visit here 🙁
  • Sunset crater – We camped there and explored some lava flows and cinder cones
  • Wupatki National Monument (Pueblo) – Nice place to get an idea on how the people lived here in the past.
  • Visited Walnut Canyon National Monument (Cliff Dewellings) – Another nice place to get an insight into the living places of people in this area a few hundred years ago.
  • Hiking Humphreys Peak – Arizona’s highest point, a nice hike with rewarding views from the top. Once more we had to get up before sunset to start hiking by sunrise. This time it wasn’t the heat, but the fact that it was monsoon season and thunderstorms tend to develop in the early afternoon. The top of the mountain is totally open and it’s not a good idea to be up there with a thunderstorm brewing.  We did get another flash flood experience the day before the hike when a thunderstorm flooded the campground in minutes. A good test for our tents, they held up well with just some minor leakage on one when it was practically sitting in a creek for a while due to the runoff.
  • Route 66 – From just west of Williams we followed the old Route 66 rather than staying on I-40. We visited Seligman, which has become a tourist attraction largely due to the popularity of the Cars movies, and Oatman, famous for it’s freely roaming burros (donkey’s).



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