A Few Hikes Around Belgium

I realize I haven’t posted anything here in a long time so I thought I’d drop in to say hi and offer some photo evidence I am still alive. I am still working on a TR for our Norway trip this summer and that will go up sometime in the next month hopefully. In the meantime I thought I’d share a little bit about some of the hikes/walks that Bianca and I go for around Belgium. We usually go walking every other weekend or so, most often in Wallonia (the southern half of Belgium). There the Ardennes has some nice scenery of forest, fields, and rolling hills, but no real mountains. Highest point is 694m (2277ft). I haven’t posted much about these walks because individually they aren’t too impressive or noteworthy, but all together I think it could be nice to see what walking around Belgium can look like (at least the nice parts).

Hautes Fagnes (High Fens)

An area we have gone for a few hikes in, one of the more “wild” places in Belgium (for what it’s worth). This area is a high plateau with a mix of forest and swampy fen. One of my favorite places in Belgium, while the main trails are very popular with tourists there are plenty of less well maintained trails off the beaten path that see almost no traffic and give you a rare feeling of solitude here.

(The picture of us together is at Signal de Botrange, highest point in Belgium and literally just a 6m concrete staircase in a parking lot…)




Nice walk through forest / fields, good example of walking in Wallonia.


MTB in La Roche en Ardenne

A fun afternoon mountain biking with a couple friends who I actually know from San Diego / Scripps, a German couple who moved back to Europe a year before I came over here.

Hamoir / Ourthe River

This was a very nice hike through some small villages, forest, and field. Good example of the mix of scenery found across Wallonia. Passing through these small villages along our walks is often a fun highlight, especially if it involves stopping for a kebab or some frituur (Belgian fries) ;).



Another nice example of the forest / fields / small villages style of walk.


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