2Gen Toyota 4Runner Sleeping Platform

Please note: The following text and photos are provided as documentation of modifications that were made to my own 1995 Toyota 4Runner.  This article is not intended to suggest that anyone else should add this modification to any vehicle, nor is it intended to be comprehensive instruction.  The owner of this website, and it's contributors and editors cannot be held responsible for any damage done to any persons or property due to modifications as shown herein. If you wish to perform or install such modifications as illustrated on this website, you must do so at your own risk.


My wife and I found ourselves sleeping more and more often in the back of the 4Runner.  Being 6'6" tall I prefer a tent, but in inclement weather or on very rocky surfaces tenting can be a less comfortable option.  So a friend and sleeping-platform-in-your-truck expert (ZR2Steve) suggested we finally work on a better solution than just sleeping between the wheel wells.

Thanks to ZR2Steve for all the welding and the help with this installation!

Note: this is not a complete write-up and I don't know when/if I'll ever get to that.  In the mean time I get a lot of questions about my setup so and I guess even a little bit is more than nothing.  So here are a few pics of the sleeping platform during construction.  If you need more info contact me at the email address below.

Some facts about the platform:

Note: Click on images to see a larger version

View from the rear without the plywood.  The rear feet of the platform are bolted to the truck bed.

View of the front. The seats were removed and the platform frame's front legs use the bolts of the seats.

One of the first trips out.  Camping at the beach in Baja.

The bins visible under the platform are quite long and contain all our kitchen gear including stove and dry food.



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Date: 09/19/2006