Bavaria (Part 1), Oct. 2021

These are some hikes in the first mountains I ever saw and hiked over 50 years ago. Some of the hikes my cousin and I had done with our families way back then, some I had never done before. It was great to show this area to Srisuda and also my nephew.

Here is a picture of me in ca. 1973 in the same region. Proudly featuring my first ever day pack.

Rotwand (1884 meters, 6181 feet)
Srisuda and I hiked this one on our first day in the country. We had no choice ;), Föhnwind conditions were forecast and that usually results in great hiking conditions on the northern side of the Alps with high temperatures and great views. True to the forecast we had perfect conditions and enjoyed spectacular views. There are many ways to reach this peak, we chose a loop route from Spitzingsee. On the way down I quickly detoured over the little Taubenstein peak (1601 meters, 5253 feet)

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Hochsalwand (Elevation: 1625 meters, 5331 feet)
After a rest day at the Chiemsee and with the weather holding, we hiked up the Hochsalwand with my cousin. This hike provides great views of the Wendelstein (iconic peak in the area) and the “Alpenvorland” (‘land in front of the Alps’). It was a windy day, but the clear air brought out a lot of hikers.

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Schwarzenberg (1187 meters, 3894 feet)
After a rainy day, which my cousin and I spent installing winter tires on the family cars, and a day in Salzburg we needed another hike and a short weather window conveniently opened. The main attraction of this hike was a nice place to have a beer and the potential to see some fire salamanders. For this one my nephew joined us, he had come down from the north for a few days of hiking.

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More hikes from this trip can be found in Part-2.

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