Leek Soup

A friend gave me some leek from her garden so I decided to make a hearty, creamy soup.

The leek was cut into rings an then washed. First I browned some ground meat in a pot and then added the leek and let that cook/fry until it was soft. Now I added some water and cream cheese and brought the mixture to a light boil. As the soup simmerd I added cream (half and half), salt pepper, nutmeg, some roasted chicken base until I was happy with the taste.

Some baguettes with some melted Asiago cheese completed this simple meal.

One thought

  1. I had fun with you harvesting our organically grown leeks. Thank you for tuning them into something yummy! You are so talented!! It surely looks delicious!
    Come and get more veggies and fruit from us! You should post your passion fruit jam on your site.


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