Greek Salad with Homemade Pork Patties

Greek Salad

This is a standard favorite in our house on warm days in summer.

Dice cucumber, bell peppers, onion (we like sweet onion) and feta cheese. Mix all together and add olive oil, olives and some oregano.
A note on the feta, we like big chunks rather than the crumbled stuff.

Pork Patties:
For this I bought a big piece of pork loin and ground it in the food processor. Mix some onion, thyme, oregano, chopped parsley, egg, salt & pepper and some bread crumbs to get a hamburger patty consistency. Form the patties and pan fry or bake in the oven.

Serve the patties with the salad.

One thought

  1. […] These kebobs go well with Greek salad as seen in the picture below. Note the thick slice of feta cheese, that’s how the salad was always served to us in Greece. We’ve never liked the crumbled feta in Greek salads as it is often served in the US. For more on Greek Salad see here. […]


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