September 2013

Young coconut

In recent years coconut water has shown up in grocery stores everywhere. I have always enjoyed it, but I’m not so fond of the packaged variety. However, when young coconut is on sale I get some and keep it in the fridge. I like it best when cold.

Recently someone mentioned to me how difficult it was for them to open a young coconut. So I made this quick 30 second video of how I do it:

Lemongrass tea


The lemongrass was getting tall again. Temperatures are still pretty high around here. A refreshing cool drink is needed.

I simply cut the leaves, put them in a pot of water and let them simmer for about 10 minutes. Adjust time to control strength of taste. I usually make a big pot of strong tea. Then we prepare a pitcher at a time from this concentrate for drinking.

Around here we drink it straight or mix some honey into it while its still hot. We then keep a pitcher of the tea in the fridge.