February 2010

T-bone steak with grilled vegetables

T-bone steak with grilled vegetables (Click image to enlarge)

There was some T-bone on sale, so I brought some home and put it on the grill. In fact I did the whole meal on the BBQ on the patio.

I put the beef and slightly oiled (olive) vegetables (onion, bell pepper, king oyster mushrooms) on the grill.
While waiting I prepared some Chimichurri sauce: fresh cilantro, fresh Italian parsley, some olive oil, a clove of garlic, a little red wine vinegar, a little water, crushed pepper, some salt. For a hint of sweetness I added a tiny bit of agave sweetener.

When the vegetables were soft I took them off the BBQ and cut them. Once the beef was ready I plated and we enjoyed a good meal. What looks like sour cream in the picture is actually kefir cheese.

Vietnamese Salad with Pork

Vietnamese Style Salad with Pork

Vietnamese Style Salad with Pork (Click image to enlarge)

A nice little summer salad.

Topping: Slice some onions lengthwise and fry until soft. Add about a pound of ground pork [I ground this myself to have better control over the fat content] and fry until it’s done. Add a tablespoon of curry powder, a tea spoon of sugar, some fish sauce.

Salad: Prepare a bowl with some shredded (thin slices) romaine lettuce, sliced carrots, sliced cucumber, celantro or whatever vegetables you have available.

Sauce: As a base I used 1/4 cup “Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken” ( you can find this in an oriental grocery or even your regular supermarket; here is an example) to which I added juice of half a lime.

To serve put salad mix in a bowl, add some of the topping, pour sauce over it. A Vietnamese salad would be topped with crushed peanuts, I didn’t have any so I used some almonds.

Potato-less Raclette

Bratwurst-Brussel Sprouts Raclette (Click image to enlarge)

Another block of raclette cheese – another non-traditional raclette. For this one we replaced the potatoes with brussel sprouts and bratwurst.

Trim the stems of the brussel sprouds and steam them for about 15 minutes. I try to use the smaller brussel spouts, they seem to be more flavorful and more fun to eat :). For color and variety I also added some pieces of bell peppers and some baby carrots
Cut the brats into half inch slices and fry them in a little olive oil.

Put the brats and sprouts in a casserole dish and cover them with thick slices of raclette cheese. The dish is then placed in the broiler just long enough to melt the cheese and get a bit of a brown crust on top.

It turned out to be one of those dishes that one can not stop eating…