September 2008

Super Fresh Alaskan Salmon with Brussels Sprouts

Salmon with Brussels sprouts

Our neighbor went fishing in Alaska and kindly shared some of his catch with us. We prepared this dish just a couple of days after the fish was caught.

Salmon: With this fresh salmon I really wanted to just enjoy the flavor so I simply pan fried it with a little olive oil and salt & pepper until it was gold brown.

Brussels Sprouts: I steamed the Brussels sprouts for about 7 minutes (you don’t want them to get too soft). Next I fried some onions until soft and added some bell peppers. After sauteing for a little more I added the now steamed Brussels sprouts, some whole grain mustard, a little local honey and some salt.

This super fresh salmon really tasted special! In fact, it looked so great and since we knew it was fresh we tried some as sashimi.

Salad with Salmon Patties

Salmon patty

This is another quick dinner salad. I did this one after getting some fresh basil from a friend’s garden.

Salad: This is basically just a “spring mix” salad from the store enhanced with some carrots, Parmesan cheese and the fresh basil. For dressing I used a vinaigrette we had in the fridge.

Salmon patties: Pan-fried. We found these patties at Costco, Trader Joe’s has similar ones.

Sauce: Chicken broth, cream and some fresh chopped basil. Let simmer a little to thicken it.

Serve as seen on the picture.