June 2008

Tequila Shrimp with Mango Salsa

This on is a standard favorite of ours. I do this one at home or at camp, like at the beach of the Sea of Cortez with fresh shrimp right from the ocean.

Shrimp: Marinate cleaned shrimp in tequila (about a shot for 2 pounds, don’t know the exact amount, I just poor some in until it feels right:) ), salt & pepper and a little olive oil for about 20 minutes. Pan-fry or grill the marinated shrimp
Mango Salsa: diced (small) red onion, diced mango, finely chopped jalapeno (or other hot chili), cilantro or fresh mint, lime juice, salt. Mix everything and let marinate for a while.


Thai Fish Salad

Finally a Thai Dish;) This is a nice refreshing dish for a hot summer day.

Fish: Any medium firm fish will work. I used Tilapia this time. Simply poach the fish fillets.
Salad: thinly slices carrots, sliced onions, some fresh mint leaves, Wood ear mushroom (Thai name:”hed hu nu”; these can be found dried in oriental grocery stores, soak before using). You can also add some celery, we didn’t have any around today.
Dressing/Sauce: fish sauce, lemon juice, chopped chili, a little sugar, finely chopped garlic, dried Galanga powder (from Thai section of oriental grocery store), ground roasted rice.

Mix everything together and serve on romaine lettuce leaves.

Thai Fish Salad

Green Tea Drink

Green Tea Drink

While in Thailand we have enjoyed some of the chilled Green Tea based drinks over there. We found some similar drinks here in the US in the Asian markets, but they are usually too sweet. So it was only natural to try to come up with our own version.
The Green Tea powder used in the recipe can be found in Asian grocery stores, where it’s sold for hot/cold green tea preparation.
We usually prepare a batch and bottle it in glass juice bottles for refrigeration.

Ingredients: Green Tea powder, honey, lime or lemon juice.
Prepartion: Mix the tea powder with water according to the instructions on the bag, add honey to taste (we like about 1 small tea spoon per cup) and add a little lime or lemon juice, again to taste. The honey dissolves best in hot or warm water, so if you are preparing a batch of cold tea it helps to warm up a cup of water and dissolve the honey in there.

If the drink sits in a bottle for a few days some sedimentation occurs, that’s normal, just shake the bottle before puring and enjoying a cool refreshing drink!