May 2008

Fresh orange with spiced syrup

A nice light dessert based on a recipe I saw in a Mediterranean cookbook years ago.

Oranges: Peel and section oranges
Syrup: About 1 cup sugar, 1 cardamom pod, 3 cloves, a 4-5 peppercorns (crushed), tea spun of rose water, 1 cup of water. Dissolve the sugar in half of the water and mix all the spices in. Next boil the mixture until it thickens and is caramelized. Then carefully add the remaining water and dissolve the caramel to create the syrup.

Arrange the orange wedges on a dessert plate and pour some of the syrup over it. Sprinkle some pistachio nuts on top.

Orange Syrup Dessert

Mango Chicken

We love mango here, so here is a quick and easy chicken dish. Just had it last week.

Chicken: I started this with some chicken breast, so to make the peaces thinner I butterfly-cut them. Lightly salt & pepper, fry till golden brown; while chicken is frying chop up some garlic and ginger and saute until its soft, then add peeled & sliced mango and green chili. Fry a little before adding some chicken stock (I just use the canned stuff). Finally add the chicken to the mix and let simmer until the chicken is totally done. Before serving sprinkle some curry powder on top.
Broccoli: steamed.

While simmering in the pan:
Mango Chicken in Pan

Plated with the broccoli: For some additional color/texture/flavor add some finely diced carrots and chopped almond.
Mango Chicken plated

Dover Sole with feta

We only used half of the Dover Sole filets on Sunday and rather than freezing it we had it tonight. Coming home late I needed a fast dish. With some feta cheese left from a Greek salad last week I adapted a shrimp dish I saw on Emeril a few years ago:

Dover Sole: caramelize onions with garlic and olive oil, add salt & pepper, oregano; put fish on top, then crumble a thick layer of feta cheese over the fish, add fresh grind pepper and a few slices of tomatoes; bake in oven at 400 F for about 10 min or until fish is cooked
Salad: romaine lettuce thin sliced, sliced carrots, sliced radish.
Dressing: store bought spicy feta spread (next time I know how to make this myself!), tbl spoon olive oil, juice of half an orange, pinch of salt (careful, feta is already pretty salty)

Ready for the oven:


Dover Sole – rolled

Shopping for some fish on Sunday we picked up some Dover Sole filets. These are rather thin, so I was looking for a way to prepare them. Here is what I came up with for Sunday’s dinner:

Dover Sole: lightly salt filets, roll up, tie with green onion leaves, pan sear rolls
Cauliflower: steam
White wine mustard sauce: make a ruox, add white wine while stirring, add some chicken stock, salt, pepper, mustard; simmer to thicken.