Young coconut

In recent years coconut water has shown up in grocery stores everywhere. I have always enjoyed it, but I’m not so fond of the packaged variety. However, when young coconut is on sale I get some and keep it in the fridge. I like it best when cold.

Recently someone mentioned to me how difficult it was for them to open a young coconut. So I made this quick 30 second video of how I do it:

Lemongrass tea


The lemongrass was getting tall again. Temperatures are still pretty high around here. A refreshing cool drink is needed.

I simply cut the leaves, put them in a pot of water and let them simmer for about 10 minutes. Adjust time to control strength of taste. I usually make a big pot of strong tea. Then we prepare a pitcher at a time from this concentrate for drinking.

Around here we drink it straight or mix some honey into it while its still hot. We then keep a pitcher of the tea in the fridge.

Green Tea Drink

Green Tea Drink

While in Thailand we have enjoyed some of the chilled Green Tea based drinks over there. We found some similar drinks here in the US in the Asian markets, but they are usually too sweet. So it was only natural to try to come up with our own version.
The Green Tea powder used in the recipe can be found in Asian grocery stores, where it’s sold for hot/cold green tea preparation.
We usually prepare a batch and bottle it in glass juice bottles for refrigeration.

Ingredients: Green Tea powder, honey, lime or lemon juice.
Prepartion: Mix the tea powder with water according to the instructions on the bag, add honey to taste (we like about 1 small tea spoon per cup) and add a little lime or lemon juice, again to taste. The honey dissolves best in hot or warm water, so if you are preparing a batch of cold tea it helps to warm up a cup of water and dissolve the honey in there.

If the drink sits in a bottle for a few days some sedimentation occurs, that’s normal, just shake the bottle before puring and enjoying a cool refreshing drink!