Vietnamese Salad with Pork

Vietnamese Style Salad with Pork

Vietnamese Style Salad with Pork (Click image to enlarge)

A nice little summer salad.

Topping: Slice some onions lengthwise and fry until soft. Add about a pound of ground pork [I ground this myself to have better control over the fat content] and fry until it’s done. Add a tablespoon of curry powder, a tea spoon of sugar, some fish sauce.

Salad: Prepare a bowl with some shredded (thin slices) romaine lettuce, sliced carrots, sliced cucumber, celantro or whatever vegetables you have available.

Sauce: As a base I used 1/4 cup “Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken” ( you can find this in an oriental grocery or even your regular supermarket; here is an example) to which I added juice of half a lime.

To serve put salad mix in a bowl, add some of the topping, pour sauce over it. A Vietnamese salad would be topped with crushed peanuts, I didn’t have any so I used some almonds.

Slow Pork

Slow Cooked Pork (click picture to enlarge)

Slow Cooked Pork (click picture to enlarge)

After enjoying some ribs for dinner at a restaurant I wanted to do something similar at home.

Pork: I bought some boneless country style ribs for this. I put the meat in the slow cooker, poured half a bottle of BBQ sauce (I think it was Bull’s Eye, but any will work) over it and adjusted the taste with some Sriracha (Thai hot sauce). I set the slow cooker to low and let it sit for 8 hours. At the end I opened the lid and let it cook for another half hour on high while frequently stirring. The last step is to dry the mixture out a little.

I made more than we would eat in one meal. We had this with stir fried vegetables, then with some salad and some left over even with just a slice of whole wheat bread. It would also be good with just some dinner rolls.