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Agean Loop October 2008

Here are some impressions from a 2 week trip to the old world with a little Turkey and a little Greece. The image to the right provides an overview of our journey with the mode of transportation marked for each leg. It's all overland or sea travel, no planes. This way we saw quite a bit of the country between stops and got a lot of interactions with local travelers.

Due to the number of pictures we divided them into 5 galleries. The galleries and the pictures within them are generally in chronological order. On the way over we had a 9 hour layover in New York. A good opportunity to get a glimpse of the city which neither of us had visited. The actual trip started with a couple of days in Istanbul, then took the overnight train to Thessaloniki where we hopped on a bus to Athens. After a day in Athens we went to Santorini by ferry (after being stuck in Piraeus for a day due to a strike, one of the stories to tell....). After 4 days on Santorini we headed to Chios (via Piraeus) where we spent 2 days. Then it was back to Turkey and Ephesus via Izmir. On the way back to Istanbul we took the train to Bandirma where we caught a ferry to Istanbul.

There are many stories to tell and maybe someday we'll find time and inspiration to write them down until then please enjoy the pictures with the brief captions